The 3 Liebster Awards...

Hi guys! Recently, I have received 3 awards from my 3 favorite bloggers. The Award I have received is the Liebster Award :D In total, now I have 10 awards! It would not have been possible without your love for Indian Beauty Center. Thank you so much for all the support :D I have already tagged all the people I knew in my previous award post and so I would just be answering the questions here :D :D So, get ready...

The First Award is from Ayesha of Defining Me and here are the answers to the questions... :D

Q. When and why did you start blogging?
Ans- I just wanted my own blog and so, I started IBC with no idea how to grow my blog or anything! I just wanted to own my own blog :D I started IBC on 17th July, 2012 :)

Q. Who are in your family?

Ans- I am a mother and a wife :)

Q. What is your favorite food?
Ans- Gol gappas :P :P

Q. 5 things that make you happy?
Ans- Blogging, Cooking, Makeup, Watching youtube videos and sleeping :P

Q. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
Ans- I love diamonds and a diamond necklace is all I care about :P

Q. If you had to wear only one color all your life, which would it be?
Ans- Blue :)

Q. Whats in your handbag?
Ans- At the moment, there is Lotus herbals Mint Lip Balm, my phone and money :P

Q. What is your favorite beverage?
Ans- Fresh strawberry juice :)

Q. Who is your role model?
Ans- Deepika Padukone, at the moment :)

Q. Which do you pick? Comfort or glamour?
Ans- Comfort :)

Q. One thing you can't live without?
Ans- My family ^_^

The second lovely award is from Sadia of Sadia Malik's Blog and here are the answers to the questions... :D

   Q. What is your skin care routine?
Ans- I actually always follow only a CTM routine twice daily- morning and night and have not rigid skin care routine! I keep trying out new products to find out what suits me the best :)

   Q. What is your hair care routine?
Ans- Oiling twice a week and washing my hair at-least thrice a week. I also stay away from blow drying, straighteners and all!

   Q. A beauty secret you would like to share?
Ans- To add a glow to your face, first wash your face with Luke warm water, use your face wash and then splash on cold water to close the pores! This adds a lovely glow to the face and most of us skip splashing cold water...

   Q. 3 favorite products (either from makeup, skin or hair care) you swear by?
Ans- Maybelline Baby Lips Mango Pie, Himalaya Neem Face Pack, Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for sensitive skin

   Q. You can’t leave home without? :P
Ans- My phone :D

   Q. 3 must haves when you are travelling? (Vacation, business trip, etc.
Ans- Cetaphil Face Wash, Makeup cleansing wipes and hand sanitizer :)

   Q. Your New Year resolution?
Ans- TO drink lots and lots of water :)

   Q. What else do you love to do beside blogging?
Ans- Cooking :)

   Q. 3 of your all-time favorite movies? :P
Ans- Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Baghban and Chennai Express :D

   Q. Rules you live by?
Ans- To just be myself! :D

      Q.Any advice to new bloggers? :)
Ans- Be consistent in posting your content and never ever under-estimate your blog :)

The third award is from Sukanya of The Indian Fuchsia and here are the answers to the questions...

1.  Favorite Color?
Ans- At the moment it is mint and blue :D

2. Favorite Brand of cosmetics?
Ans- Mayeblline new York :D

3. Dream Destination for Holiday?
Ans- Paris :P

4. Nail Polish or Nail Extensions?
Ans- Nail Polish

5. Big Bang Theory Or How I Met your mother?
Ans- Big Bang Theory

6. Favorite brand of Bag?
Ans- Chanel :)

7. Best Lipstick shade of MAC?
Ans- Woops! I do not own a single MAC lipstick :( Maybe soon :D

8. Forest Essential or Kama Ayurveda?
Ans- FE, anyday! :D

9. Stilettos or Flats or wedges?
Ans- Flats :)

10. Summers or winters?
Ans- Winters! :D

11. Most expensive buy till date?
Ans- Can not remember :P :P I am all about buying affordable stuff :)

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading my answers :D Do ask me any other questions related to anything in the comments box below and I will happily solve your doubts :D Take Care and Good Luck! :D


  1. Well , u lucky blog award rich girl.. :)
    I LOVE gol gappa's too and Himalayas neem pack , I have it on right now :)
    Keep in touch

  2. Lots of Love and congratulations <3

  3. vow.. great going Arpita.. Congratulations and may u recv many more :D

  4. It was fun reading about you Arpita, and congrats for the award, you do an amazing job with your reviews :D

  5. It was fun reading ur answers babes :) n Congo for the awards <3 <3

  6. Congratulations dear!! Great answers :)

  7. it was soooo much fun reading your answers and get to know you more!! congrats again for all the awards and keep up the good work!! :) xoxo
    Sadia Malik's Blog


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